Chaat masala is a mix of hot and tangy spice. The word ‘chaat/chat’ means ‘to lick’ and the word ‘masala’ means spice in Hindi. Generally, the word chaat is used for a collection of savoury and highly spicy snacks that make you lick /smack your lips, sort of ‘finger licking’ good! “Asafoetida, mango powder and black salt distinguish the chat masala from other masalas, giving the blend a sourness that makes it a welcome accompaniment to fresh fruit and other snacks. Fresh fruit often is sprinkled with lime juice and chaat masala. Black salt (which is actually reddish gray), available at Indian food stores, has a distinctive flavor that’s quite different from sea salt or table salt.

Chaat Masala is a mix of hot and tangy spice that is used to spice up many snacks, salads, fruit salads, fruit juices, and some curries. Just sprinkle 1-2 tsp. on your fruit/vegetable salad, squeeze a little lemon juice/good vinegar like balsamic vinegar, mix thoroughly and enjoy!
· Add it to fried nuts, yoghurt and yoghurt dishes. You can use it in all sorts of Indian chat recipes.
· Add tangy taste to your pakodas- potato or banana or onion, by just sprinkling a little on it.
· Pinch of chaat masala imparts a delicious taste to buttermilk.
· Sprinkle it on your bread-butter slice or dosa or corn/sprouts bhel for a tangy taste.